USCIS Inquiries

USCIS Inquiries

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services is a busy government agency, to say the least. With tens of thousands of inquiries in the system at any given time, what is considered “normal processing time” may vary. If you’ve been unsuccessful in reaching a case officer, Martinez Immigration can help.

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USCIS Case Inquiry  

Talking to a live person at USCIS can be a struggle. The system is set up to use an Interactive Voice Response and provide recorded information for a set number of predetermined queries. People who speak English as a second language or those who have an accent that the system has problems with can be frustrated with the experience. The stress this causes, when combined with the time spent unfruitfully, can be immense. 


Determining Your USCIS Inquiry Status 

When you eventually get a person on the phone, you’ll be speaking to a Tier 1 contact, someone who can only handle the broadest of queries. A best-case scenario is that they collect your information and you receive a call-back from a Tier 2 officer. 

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