Julissa Ovalle - Paralegal

Julissa Ovalle

Paralegal Manager

My name is Julissa Ovalle, I am a first generation immigrant from parents of the Dominican Republic. My parents migrated to the US seeking a better life, and better opportunities. Migrating to the United States came with a lot of obstacles that they were not aware of, alien status being one of them. Born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents was an experience that ignited a fire within me to help others. At the age of 17 I decided to enter the United States Army, not only to serve my country, but to change the world at a larger scale. While in the service, I obtained my Associates Degree in political science with a focus in pre-law. I began working immigration law and fell in love with the difference I was making in people’s lives– giving them a chance to live at peace, without fear of being separated from their families at any moment. In 2019, when the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 shut everything down, I created and facilitated food drives where I was able to supply groceries and basic necessities to over 150 alien families. My goal is to continue assisting immigrants and their family in any and all ways possible.

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