Humanitarian Reinstatement

Humanitarian Reinstatement

If the worst happens and the family member who sponsored your humanitarian visa has passed on, your petition will be automatically revoked by USCIS. In the event of a petitioner’s death, you need someone who can help you establish your case and remain in the United States for the full term outlined in your humanitarian parole’s conditions. That’s where Martinez Immigration comes in.

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Handling the Death of Petitioner

Upon notification of the death of your petitioner, USCIS moves quickly. Those without the supporting documentation can find themselves shuttled back to the exact circumstances they were fleeing. However, the Attorney General may, at their discretion, reinstate the approval of your family-based visa. Unlike the revocation of your humanitarian parole, this is not an automatic process and requires that the person clearly demonstrate their need for relief.

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This is a complex process that involves collecting and organizing supporting documentation, working to find a substitute sponsor if necessary, and writing a formal request for humanitarian reinstatement.

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