Immigration Bond Services

Immigration Bond Services

If your friend or loved one has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and you want them to get released before their hearing, it is likely that you will need to acquire an immigration bail bond. A bond is a set amount of money that ICE asks for as a guarantee that the person facing deportation will attend all of their hearings. It is important to remember that getting out of detention on a bond is not the end of the deportation case. The person facing deportation must still go to all their court dates.

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Immigration Bond Eligibility

ICE and an immigration judge have the right to determine if a detainee is eligible for bail, based on a number of factors. These include:

  • The possibility that the detainee might be a flight risk. If a detainee can prove that their family and community ties are strong, they are much more likely to qualify for a bond.
  • Whether or not a detainee is a danger to the community. If you have a criminal record, this can hurt the process, but an attorney can assist by providing proof that the detainee has been rehabilitated and is working to create a better life for themselves.
  • The likelihood that detainee will win the case. The more likely it is that a detainee just needs to go through the system to earn their residency, the more likely it is that they’ll get an immigration bond.

ICE’s officers or the judge will set the bond amount and the team at Martinez Immigrations will post it for you. From there, we can work on the immigration case to help the former detainee make their new life in America.


With all of the benefits available to an asylee, it’s easy to understand that USCIS and DHS take asylum-seekers seriously. Applying for asylum is complex, time-consuming process that can frustrate and exclude many individuals that should qualify.

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