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How to Get a Green Card Faster Than 90 Days 

While it generally takes about two years to obtain a green card, in some cases, it is possible to obtain permanent residency status in less than 90 days. It depends on your individual status. In specific emergencies, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) may expedite green card applications. However, obtaining a green card within three

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How Long Does a Green Card Renewal Take? 

The timeline for renewing a green card can vary depending on several factors, but generally, the process can take anywhere from 10 to 12 months. At Martinez Immigration, we understand the importance of timely renewal to maintain your status as a permanent resident in the United States. Renewing your green card, which is typically valid

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Can Your Green Card Be Revoked? 

Green cards give immigrants permanent residency status in the U.S. However, under certain circumstances, a green card can be revoked. While your green card gives you the right to live and work in the U.S., you can not break the law and remain in this country.    If you are concerned about your green card status

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Radical Texas Governor Greg Abbott Pushes For the Removal of freedom for Immigrants

Updated: May 18 Policies have risen by conservative politicians in order to continue to strip away more rights from marginalized communities. This push to challenge the Supreme Court’s guarantee of public education for all children has been recently signaled by Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, who is afraid that president Biden’s administration’s decision to lift Title

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USCIS work permit extensions

USCIS Increases Automatic Extension Period of Work Permits for Certain Applicants

The USCIS just released a Temporary Final Rule (TFR) in early May of 2022, explaining how they will begin doing automatic extension periods of work permits for certain applicants. This Temporary Final Rule increases the automatic extension period for Employment Authorization Documents (EADs) and employment authorization. However, this TFR is only available to certain EAD

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U Visa

Do you Qualify for a U-Visa?

Who qualifies for a U Visa? The U.S. Immigration Code provides the U Visa as a pathway to citizenship for victims of certain types of crime. This pathway is intended to protect and reward people who have been criminally victimized, provided information about the crime to U.S. law enforcement, and are cooperating with the U.S.

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Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas

Special Immigrant Juvenile Visas

What is Special Immigrant Juvenile Status? The U.S. Immigration Code provides a pathway to citizenship for minors in the country who are undocumented through no fault of their own. This includes children who were brought to the United States at a young age and those who may have fallen out of status. This pathway, Special

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Religious Visas

Religious Visas and Having your Church get your Green Card

What is an R-1 Visa? The U.S. Immigration Code provides a pathway for foreign clergy members and ministers to serve their various religious faiths in the United States through the R-1 Visa. The R-1 visa is intended to benefit vocational ministers of all established faiths with a presence in the United States including, but not

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What is DACA?

What is DACA, and What Changes Have Been Made to It?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) is a program created in 2012 by then-president Barack Obama. It provides a way for undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. under the age of 16 to obtain work authorization and avoid deportation for two years. Although it does not provide a path to U.S. citizenship, DACA recipients

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u visa and vawa

Know the Difference Between VAWA and a U Visa

What is a U Visa and VAWA? The U.S. Immigration Code provides two different pathways to citizenship for crime victims—U Visas and VAWA. These pathways are intended to assist applicants who have experienced domestic violence and/or qualifying crimes while in the U.S and are cooperating with the U.S. justice system. Although traditionally these victims are

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