Returning Resident Visas

Returning Resident Visas

If you are a permanent resident or conditional resident that has remained outside of the United States for longer than a year (or beyond the period that your Re-Entry permit is valid for), you will need to have a new immigrant visa issued that allows you to enter the U.S. and resume your residence.

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What Is a Returning Resident Visa?

A Returning Resident (SB-1) immigrant visa is designed specifically for lawful permanent residents and conditional residents who will need to have their entry into the United States re-approved after being out of the country for a period of more than one year. This visa eliminates the need for a petition for a new immigrant visa with the Department of Homeland Security.

Returning Resident Application Process

In order to obtain an SB-1 visa, the lawful permanent resident will have to apply at their closest consulate or embassy. They’ll need to complete Form DS-117, the Application to Determine Returning Resident Status, and present their Permanent Resident Card (form I-1551) and Re-Entry permit, if available.

They’ll also need to have to have supporting documents that show the following:

  • Dates of travel outside of the United States
  • Proof of your ties to the United States and your intent to return
  • Proof that your protracted stay outside of the United States was for reasons beyond your control

This can be a complex and difficult process, and the requirements can change with little notice. Book a virtual consultation with Martinez Immigration to have the best possible chance at obtaining your SB-1 Visa.

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