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What Our Clients Have to Say

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Kathleen was great throughout our entire immigration journey. With her fee I had low expectations and honestly thought she would eventually ghost us however she was with us every step of the way. She answered every one of our questions, promptly returned our phone calls and shed so much light on parts of the journey we had no knowledge of. As hard as she worked, at times I thought she cared more about us getting our green card than we did lol. Kathleen Martinez was a joy to work with and my wife and I deeply appreciate her help throughout the process. I highly recommend her.

Coron Williams, 2022

I hired Kathleen based on her genuine attitude during our consultation. Kathleen’s team was extremely fast, they communicated with me daily and constantly updated me on my case. When I say they were fast, I truly mean it. Some of my friends have been waiting for years for their status and she got me a green card in under a year with her complementary expedite request services. She texted me on her personal cell and treated me like a family member rather than a client. I highly recommend martinez immigration. Her team is spectacular and extremely reasonably priced.

Irlanda Miranda 2022

I learnt about Martinez Immigration through one of her Tik Tok videos and let me just say, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made choosing her and her excellent team to represent me. Martinez Immigration kept me informed every step of the process and removed all the doubts I was harboring by remaining transparent. They were quick in securing me a U visa without any issues, therefore when it’s time to petition for my green card I’m definitely choosing Martinez and her amazing team to represent me again.

Renea Rowe, 2022

I hired Kathleen when she was just starting out because I saw her in court absolutely annihilating the district attorney who was trying to de-credit her client. I knew she had to be my attorney right then. I had been through a terrible situation and Kathleen actually had tears when she heard my story and promised that she would do everything she could to help me get status and justice. I was approved for my U-Visa thanks to Kathleen. She is extremely personable with her clients and answered my texts messages at all hours of the night whenever I was anxious about my case. She was an advocate, professional, therapist and friend to me when I only paid her to file paperwork for me. Even more, she charged me way less than she had deserved because she knew I was in a tight spot financially. Best attorney I have ever met.

Yesenia Hernandez, 2022

I came to Kathleen after 8 attorneys had turned us down. Our case was nearly impossible but she didn’t hesitate to take it; she told us it would be difficult but she wanted to help us. Well, to no surprise she got my sister her green card and eventually citizenship  EASILY. She is an expert in her field but most importantly, extremely genuine. She called us to check up on us and treated us like family. Their virtual approach is extremely convenient and they are very fast and affordable. We couldn’t pay her fee for a few months but she completed our applications anyways and told us not to worry about it. She is a true angel and I am so grateful for her and her team.

Jose Miranda, 2022

Kathleen has been an amazing attorney to our family. Her team constantly communicated with us and even scheduled weekly appointments to update us on missing documents and next steps. They work incredibly fast and managed to get both our applications and interview expedited. She took on our case after three lawyers turned us down because our case was so complicated and we were approved!!! When she says she specializes in difficult cases she really does knock it out of the park. Thank you so much Martinez Immigration. Do not hire anyone else if you are looking for an affordable, smart and kind immigration attorney.

Julian Jack, 2022

I highly recommend Kathleen and her team they are so supportive and fast. They constantly updated us. I got my green card in one year and it was a fast process I absolutely loved the way they assisted me . Please hire her, she will dedicate all her time to you.

Erica Santos, 2022