Kathleen Martinez

Managing Attorney

Kathleen Martinez is an experienced Family and Immigration Attorney, licensed in Texas, USA. She received her B.A. at Mount St. Mary's University in Los Angeles and her Doctorate of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego. 


Kathleen founded Martinez Immigration to help immigrants gain legal status at an affordable cost. Her mission is to help unite families easily and effectively.


Alejandro Martinez

Chief Operating Officer

Alejandro came to the United States from Mexico as a child. Having experienced immigration first hand, Alejandro is passionate about helping others at an affordable cost. Alejandro earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas Pan American. Alejandro utilizes his time as an Automotive Mechanical Engineer  as well as serving as the Chief Operating Officer here at Martinez Immigration. Alejandro is both fluent in English and Spanish languages. 

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Teresa Ramirez Angel

Managing Paralegal

Teresa has been a Paralegal since 2012. She was originally born in Guanajuato, Mexico. Her personal experience with the immigration system gave birth to her passion in immigration law. Teresa enjoys the opportunity to serve and to help people change their lives when they legalize their status in the United States. In each case Teresa makes it a mission to put herself in her client’s shoes and work empathy and professionalism to achieve the best possible outcome. Teresa is fluent in both the english and spanish languages.


Maria Espinosa

Senior Paralegal

Maria has been a Paralegal since 2016. She was originally born in Mexico and is a DACA recipient. Her personal experience and her upbringing in Bordertown gave birth to her passion for immigration law. Her love for immigration allows her to dedicate time and effort to each case she works on, in hopes of helping as many people as possible. 

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Giselle Arellano


My name is Giselle Arellano. I am a first generation graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies and a minor in business administration from College of Saint Marys, in Omaha, NE. I have been an immigration paralegal for 7 years serving the immigrant community. I am fluent in Spanish and English. I was previously a Department of Justice Accredited Representative representing clients in immigration court. My passion is to help the underserved community whether it be in front of a judge or USCIS. I love spending time with my family and raising my children.    

Reyna Rayo.jpg

Reyna Rayo


“Having first hand experience being an undocumented immigrant in this country for most of my life, I know what it feels like to live in fear of being deported and separated from your loved ones. That is why I have made my life’s mission to help others obtain the same opportunity as I have. Rest assured that I will do everything in my power to make that happen''


Bianca Ramirez

Administrative Director

Bianca Ramirez is our administrative director. Bianca was born and raised by the Texas border and she is fluent in both Spanish and English. Bianca’s passion is to help and serve the community and bring families together. Bianca has four years of Immigration experience and has extensive experience in family-based cases.


Caro Arriaga

Immigration Paralegal 

Growing up in a border town and as a DACA recipient, Caro has been exposed to the everyday struggles of immigrants. She has personally experienced and understands the flaws and needs of our immigration system. In 2017, she discovered her passion in family-based immigration, when she landed her first job as a legal assistant at an immigration firm. Motivated to continue helping immigrant families, she went back to school and completed her Paralegal certification. She is grateful to work with a team whose commitment to helping immigrants and their families inspires her more and more every day. Outside the office, Caro loves spending time with her family and two dogs. She enjoys the outdoors such as hiking, camping and kayaking. 

Julissa Ovalle.jpg

Julissa Ovalle


My name is Julissa Ovalle, I am a first generation immigrant from parents of the Dominican Republic. My parents migrated to the US seeking a better life, and better opportunities. Migrating to the United States came with a lot of obstacles that they were not aware of, alien status being one of them. Born in the U.S. to illegal alien parents was an experience that ignited a fire within me to help others. At the age of 17 I decided to enter the United States Army, not only to serve my country, but to change the world at a larger scale. While in the service, I obtained my Associates Degree in political science with a focus in pre-law. I began working immigration law and fell in love with the difference I was making in people's lives-- giving them a chance to live at peace, without fear of being separated from their families at any moment. In 2019, when the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 shut everything down, I created and facilitated food drives where I was able to supply groceries and basic necessities to over 150 alien families. My goal is to continue assisting immigrants and their family in any and all ways possible.

Carolina Ortiz-Quinones.jpg

Carolina Ortiz-Quinones


My name is Carolina Ortiz-Quinones. I have a bachelors in Business from Texas A&M University and a certificate in the studies of Paralegal. I'm currently completing my masters and will continue on to law school. I have several years of experience as an immigration paralegal and fluent in English and Spanish. I love helping others and the opportunity to see and make dreams happen. I was born in Dallas, TX but my family is from Durango, Mexico. I was part of the mock trial team for my high school and University and was Miss Dallas Latina.

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Yania Diaz


My name is Yania Diaz and I was born and raised in Miami, FL. coming from two immigrant parents my passion for helping others accomplish the American dream has always been close to my heart.

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Sajune Blanchard


Ms. Sajune Blanchard is an Immigration Paralegal at Martinez Immigration who works primarily on family-based immigration. Ms. Blanchard specializes in residency applications, naturalization cases, consular processes, petitions to remove conditions on residence and U visas.
Ms. Blanchard is passionate and dedicated to helping our clients with their immigration processes. Ms. Blanchard earned her bachelor’s degree in Biological Science at Miami Dade College, and she is currently pursuing her MBA. During her undergraduate education, she worked at a non-
profit organization that assists vulnerable people in their immigration matter. Ms. Blanchard is originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and is fluent in English, Spanish, French and Haitian Creole.


Carolina Ramirez

Legal Assistant

Carolina is a California native and a mother of three. Carolina loves spending her private time with her family. She enjoys painting and doing random projects. Carolina has worked in the legal field for 9 years and started her career in family law. From there, she has learned different types of law, and continues to learn. She found her passion in Immigration Law, where she dedicates herself to assisting clients in their time of need, especially when you are helping them to have a better future.


Phoebe Rubio

Legal Assistant

Phoebe Rubio is a legal assistant here at Martinez Immigration. Her passion is driven by her family's legal status struggles, which resulted in her strong pursuit of immigration law. She provides administrative support to paralegals and their clients. Phoebe makes organization a top priority! She understands the importance of legal status in the United States. With every chance she is given, she excels because it was the individuals who paid careful attention to her family's case that made it possible for her family to be here with her today.

Yesenia Hernandez.jpeg

Yesenia Hernandez

Intake Specialist

My name is Yesenia Hernandez. As a first generation Mexican American, I have felt the struggles of an immigrant family with a broken and ever changing system. As an Intake Specialist, rest assured I will help with any needs as if you were my own family member.


Ana Castillo

Intake Specialist

My name is Ana, I come from a family of immigrants, and I have witnessed firsthand the struggles that come from being in a foreign country. I am extremely passionate about assisting others that are in the same situation that my family and I were in. My goal is to ensure I make everyone feel they have a voice and are being heard, as an Intake Specialist I will make this process for you as smooth as possible.

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Evelyn Juarez

Content Creator

I am Evelyn Juarez, a proud latina daughter of immigrants. I am forever grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to achieve the American dream. I am passionate about helping other immigrants and their families achieve that same dream. I love to educate people on immigration through social media and make it easy and simple to understand.