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Whether you are seeking temporary work, student visas, or applying for a Green Card for permanent resident status, navigating the U.S. immigration process is not easy. One error on a form, missing the right documentation, and missing the deadline can cause your application to be denied.  

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. An immigration lawyer in San Francisco at Martinez Immigration can help you accurately complete your application and get it filed on time. If you have legal immigration issues outside of applications and appeals, we can help you. We take pride in being experts on everything immigration law.  

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The Importance of Legal Representation in San Francisco

If you or a family member face deportation proceedings, time is of the essence before removal starts. An immigration attorney in San Francisco can represent you in court.  

We will determine whether you fit the eligibility requirements for cancellation of removal and let you know your options. For instance, if you can demonstrate that removal would present serious hardship for a loved one, you may prove eligible for cancellation of removal.  

For those seeking a Green Card, we will assess your eligibility for family-based or employer sponsorship, as well as for those claiming asylum or refugee status.  

An experienced attorney will assess your case and recommend the best plan of action for your unique circumstances. We will also help you collect all necessary evidence and documentation and go to work to build you a strong case.  

Understanding Regional Immigration Challenges

As a leader in IT and software, life sciences and biotech, and international business, San Francisco attracts talent from all over the world. We can help clients with all types of employment visas, whether you want to work here for a short time or for the long term. We can also aid those seeking investor visas to place their capital in a U.S.-based business with the goal of attaining permanent residency for themselves and their family.  

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Keeping Up with Local Immigration Policies

Long known as a cosmopolitan city with a diverse population, San Francisco has been a Sanctuary City since 1989. In 2016, a Due Process for All ordinance was passed. These laws mean that city employees cannot use city resources to cooperate with any U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigations or detentions relating to “alleged violations of the civil provisions of federal immigration law.” City employees also cannot ask about immigration status in any application for city benefits, services, or opportunities, except as required by federal or state statutes or regulations, or court decisions.   

Immigration law changes frequently. At Martinez Immigration, we are always up to date with immigration laws and forecasted developments in immigration law. Our knowledge means we can empower our clients to have the best possible chance of success.  

Building a Strong Immigration Case

Every immigrant’s situation is unique. At Martinez Immigration, we help you build a strong immigration case. That begins with collecting the necessary evidence to prove eligibility, including such documents as: 

  • Birth certificates 
  • Marriage licenses  
  • Educational records 
  • Employment records  
  • Legal proof of a relationship with an employer or relative 

Documentation and Preparation

Immigration applications require vast amounts of paperwork and documentation. An immigration attorney in San Francisco prepares your case meticulously and meets all submission deadlines. All relevant documentation is included, and forms are fully completed for filing. We also prepare clients for interviews with immigration officials. You will receive professional guidance every step of the way and will always kept fully informed.   

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Martinez Immigration Can Help Your Case

No matter your immigration issue, an experienced immigration attorney at Martinez Immigration can help. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation today. We represent our clients from consultancy to legal support.  

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