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For many years, the chance to pursue the American Dream and embrace the country’s freedoms has lured people from around the world. They may want to escape political upheaval, war, and discrimination or build a better life for their families. Whether you are seeking permanent residency for yourself or a family member or applying for a visa, the application process is often complicated. While some can navigate the process independently, the task can be overwhelming and confusing for many 

An immigration lawyer at Martinez Immigration in Hollywood, Florida, can guide you through the complex U.S. immigration system. We offer guidance and assistance for the unique legal circumstances of our clients throughout the United States. Book a consultation today.  

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The Role of a Hollywood Immigration Lawyer

As noted, the immigration process poses many challenges. The role of a Hollywood immigration lawyer consists of assisting clients with their particular issues. Even relatively straightforward applications, such as employer or family-based visas, can run into problems. Other situations, such as deportation defense, require legal counsel.  

Ensuring Accurate Documentation and Adherence to Deadlines

Every client has their own set of circumstances and legal issues. For example, individuals seeking temporary entry into the United States for specific reasons rely on non-immigrant visas. Examples of these reasons range from study to tourism. They are not intended for permanent residency. An immigration attorney in Hollywood can help guide applicants through this process to ensure accurate documentation. If your petition is denied, we can file an appeal based on the reason for the denial.  

The U.S. Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) has strict deadlines for submitting required paperwork and zero tolerance for form and documentation errors. Minor errors or a late submission can harm your application. However, your attorney can ensure that all submissions are accurate and filed in a timely manner.  

Addressing Local Concerns

Florida now has one of the strictest immigration laws in the nation. In 2023, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 1718 into law. This legislation prevents local governments from issuing identification cards to undocumented people and invalidates driver’s licenses issued to the undocumented in other states. The E-Verify system is now mandatory for any employer with more than 25 employees, increasing penalties for those found in violation.  

Since the law’s inception, the number of undocumented people facing arrest and deportation has increased significantly.  

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Keeping Up With Immigration Law Changes

Immigration law changes frequently. Our team keeps up with all immigration law changes and how they affect our clients.  

The Immigration Process

The immigration process generally starts with filing Form I-130, Petition for an Alien Relative, for those going the family-based visa route or the filing of Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers, for those seeking an employment-based visa. This process can take several months to years.  

Common Immigration Issues

At Martinez Immigration, we handle all common immigration issues, including: 

  • Family-based visas 
  • Employment-based visas 
  • Student visas  
  • Investor-based visas  
  • Other work visas  
  • Naturalization 
  • Asylum  
  • Deportation defense  
  • U visa for crime victims 

It’s important to remember that regardless of your immigration status, you have constitutional rights. Call an immigration attorney to preserve those rights.   

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How Martinez Immigration Can Help

A Florida immigration attorney at Martinez Immigration can help you with every aspect of the immigration process. We take great pride in providing immigration services to our clients, and our mission to reunite families drives us to succeed. Book a consultation today. We represent our clients from consultancy to legal support.   

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We take great pride in providing immigration services to our clients. Our mission to reunite families drives us to succeed.

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