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The Migration Policy Institute estimates the number of undocumented immigrants in Florida to be around 772,000. That number is growing, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. For many in Florida’s vast immigrant community, daily life has become one governed by fear. Those who need help may benefit from the guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer in Melbourne.  

Martinez Immigration assists and protects the rights of clients facing immigration matters, including visas, citizenship, humanitarian parole, and asylum and refugee applications. Managing Attorney, Kathleen Martinez, launched the firm to provide exceptional counsel at an affordable cost, and her team remains committed to those goals. Book a virtual consultation to learn more.  

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Understanding Immigration Law in Melbourne, Florida

Sweeping immigration legislation passed in May 2022 has drastically impacted Florida’s immigrants, their families, and their employers. Gov. Ron DeSantis calls it “the strongest legislation against illegal immigration anywhere in the country.”  

Here is an overview of the key restrictions included in SB1718 

  • Florida hospitals that accept Medicaid must ask admitted patients and emergency room visitors their immigration status.  
  • Undocumented workers who falsify information to get a job can potentially face a third-degree felony charge with penalties that may include fines and jail time.  
  • Employers who knowingly recruit or hire undocumented employees face a possible one-year probation and repayment of economic development funds.  
  • If an employer discovers a worker is undocumented, they must terminate that employee.  
  • Anyone who knowingly transports an undocumented individual into Florida can be charged with a felony.  

Despite the difficult climate facing foreign-born individuals living and working in Melbourne, we can help them understand and assert their rights. For example, while hospitals must ask for immigration status, patients are not required to disclose this information. Without a firm understanding of the law, undocumented individuals are more vulnerable to adverse outcomes, including removal from the U.S.  

Services Offered

Florida is among the most challenging states in the nation for immigrants. But help is available. Martinez Immigration assists clients in navigating state and federal guidelines and pursuing their immigration goals under the law.  

We provide legal representation and assistance with the following services:  

  • Adjustment of status 
  • Asylum & refugee applications  
  • Birth certificate services 
  • Citizenship 
  • Expedite requests  
  • Humanitarian parole 
  • Humanitarian visas 
  • Immigration bonds 
  • Inquiries  
  • Marriage-based applications 
  • Naturalization  
  • Non-immigrant visas 
  • Passports 
  • Post-deportation applications 
  • Returning resident visas 
  • Waivers and pardons 


At Martinez Immigration, we remain committed to protecting your rights as a person and uniting your family in the U.S.  

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Family-Based Immigration

One of the most common ways to obtain a green card is through a family member. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents (LPRs) can help eligible family members immigrate to this country. The steps in this process vary slightly depending on whether the applicant is already in the U.S. or lives abroad.  

These visas are for close relatives of U.S. citizens, such as spouses, unmarried children under 21, or parents. A limited number of family preference visas are available for unmarried children 21 or older, married children, and siblings of U.S. citizens.  

Employment-Based Immigration

Every year, a number of employment-based immigration visas become available for eligible applicants. These visas fall into different categories based on the worker’s profession and skillset. Qualified workers include everyone from unskilled and skilled workers to individuals with advanced degrees and expertise in the arts, business, or science.  

To start the visa process, the applicant’s prospective agent or employer must obtain labor certification approval and, once received, file an I-140 Immigration Petition for Alien Worker. Supporting documents must also be submitted. In addition, a visa interview, medical exam, and vaccinations must be completed before an application is approved.  

If your visa application is denied, your Melbourne immigration lawyer can review your case and determine if and when it makes sense to reapply in the future.  

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During an initial consultation, we explain what to expect regarding your case and possible outcomes to consider. We take time to answer your questions and recommend next steps if you decide to work with us. Language should never be a barrier to accessing your right to pursue your immigration goals. At Martinez Immigration, we speak English, Spanish, French, German, and Haitian Creole.  

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