How To Process Your Case Faster

How To Process Your Case Faster

Expedite Requests

You can essentially expedite any application at USCIS. What’s more, you can also expedite any interview at both the USCIS and NVC level. USCIS may consider an expedite request if it meets one or more of the following criteria or circumstance:

1. Severe financial loss to a company or person

2. Emergency or Humanitarian reasons

3. Clear USCIS Error

4. U.S. Government Interests

USCIS requires that the requestor make their case on the phone initially. If the officer decides that the case is worth considering, the requestor will then receive an email from USCIS requesting evidence to support their request. After five days following the receipt of the email, USCIS will then notify the requestor of their decision to expedite the application or not.

NVC expedites requests are significantly less formal. All you have to do is make your case in writing and send it via email to [email protected]. NVC allows the requestor to attach evidence in support of their request. Both USCIS and NVC consider expedite requests on a case-by-case basis.


Reaching out to your local representative is a smart way to get the attention of either USCIS or NVC. Depending on your situation, your representative can communicate with the entity you are having issues with and help advocate on your behalf.


Both USCIS and NVC allows you to submit online inquiries. USCIS will only allow you to submit an inquiry if:

1. Your case is outside of normal processing time

2. You did not receive your card by mail

3. You did not receive your document by mail

4. You did not receive notice by mail

As for NVC, you can submit an online request at You can freely submit an inquiry on any issue without having to categorize your need. NVC will respond to your request by email, usually within one to two weeks.

The options above should allow you to get either USCIS or NVC to pay attention to your case and process your applications and/or interview faster.

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