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Are your future hopes and dreams contingent upon receiving a visa to live and work in Dallas? Learn how an immigration lawyer at Martinez Immigration could help with this often complex process so that you can build the life you want. Trust that protecting your rights and uniting your family is our first priority. We take great pride in providing immigration services to our clients. Our mission to reunite families drives us to succeed. Book a consultation about your immigration issues in Dallas today. 

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The Importance of a Dallas Immigration Lawyer

The immigration process is complicated. It is possible to apply for a visa on your own. However, having an immigration lawyer in Dallas, TX, guide you through the process and ensure that all documentation is correct will help your case considerably. For example, an error on a form or missing documentation could result in a denial.  

Types of Immigration Cases

At Martinez Immigration, here are some of the most common types of cases we handle: 

Family-based Immigration

A U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident, also known as a person with a Green Card, can apply for visas for certain family members. There are two types of family-based immigration visas. A close immediate relative of a U.S. citizen, such as a spouse, unmarried child under age 21, or parent, is not subject to visa limitations each fiscal year. 

A more limited number of family-based visas are available for a married child over age 21 or a sibling of a U.S. citizen. A lawful permanent resident may petition for a spouse or unmarried child under age 21. In 2021, the U.S. granted more than 740,000 people legal permanent residency. Of that number, 60 percent were admitted through family-based visas.  

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Employment-based Immigration

The U.S. needs employees with valuable skills to work on a temporary or permanent visa. The number of permanent employment-based immigrants is capped at 140,000 annually. There are more than 20 types of temporary work visas. These jobs usually have time limits and are specific in nature. Generally, if the job ends early, the worker must leave the U.S.     


You may prove eligible for asylum if you face persecution in your home country or fear you will face persecution due to the following: 

  • Race 
  • Religion 
  • Nationality 
  • Political affiliation  
  • Membership in a particular social group 


Only those already present in the U.S. may file for asylum. However, you cannot file if you are currently in proceedings before an immigration court or before the Board of Immigration Appeals.  

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The Immigration Process

The immigration process starts with a relative or an employer filing a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Relatives must file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, while employers must file Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Workers. 

Common Challenges in Immigration Cases

Perhaps the most common and frustrating challenge in immigration cases is the sheer amount of time the decision-making process can take. More than 2 million cases are pending in U.S. immigration courts, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO).  

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If you or a loved one needs information regarding an application or is having immigration issues, you need the services of an experienced and compassionate Texas Immigration Lawyer at Martinez Immigration. We represent our clients from consultancy to legal support. Book a consultation today. 

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We take great pride in providing immigration services to our clients. Our mission to reunite families drives us to succeed.

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