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U.S. immigration law is extremely complicated. The process is challenging even for those whose first language is English. For immigrants whose second language is English, filling out forms properly and making sure that all required documents are submitted in a timely manner is even more daunting. That is why it’s important to hire a skilled San Antonio immigration lawyer to represent you.  

As the spouse of a Mexican-American immigrant, Orange County immigration lawyer Kathleen Martinez knows firsthand the struggles immigrants and their loved one’s face. She is committed to providing cost-effective counsel and assistance to help clients achieve their goals of living, working, traveling, and reuniting with family in the U.S.  

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Rights and Responsibilities of Immigrants in San Antonio

Under the Constitution, all immigrants have the right to freedom of speech and religion, fair treatment, privacy, and other fundamental rights of U.S. citizens. This holds true whether the immigrant is here legally or is undocumented. 

However, those who are not here legally run the risk of deportation. Those facing deportation have the right to a hearing and review by an immigration judge, generally in a federal court. While they have a right to legal representation, it is not at the government’s expense.  

Services Offered by San Antonio Immigration Lawyers

Do not try to navigate the complex U.S. immigration system on your own. Errors made on forms or missing documentation will result in application denial. Failing to adhere to the USCIS’s strict submission deadline can also destroy your chances of becoming a naturalized citizen or permanent resident.  

There are literally dozens of visa types, though the two basic visa categories in which all visas fall under are nonimmigrant visas (for temporary stays) and immigrant visas (for permanent visas).  

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All visa applicants must establish that they meet the criteria for the type of visa to which they are applying. A San Antonio immigration attorney works with you to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for the visa you seek.  

At Martinez Immigration, we can assist clients seeking various visas, including: 

  • Employer-based visas 
  • Family-based visas 
  • Student visas 
  • Fiancé visas 

Common Immigration Issues in San Antonio

Visa applications are not the only common immigration issue in San Antonio. Deportation and removal proceedings threaten anyone who has not engaged in the proper immigration process.  

A controversial Texas law signed by Governor Greg Abbott in 2023 authorizes state law enforcement officials to arrest those suspected of entering the U.S. illegally. These powers have always been the province of federal law enforcement. While litigation regarding the law makes its way through the federal court system, those affected are not sure where to turn. In this situation, hiring a San Antonio immigration lawyer improves the odds of your obtaining a better outcome.  

Any sort of criminal record can doom an immigrant to deportation or removal. A San Antonio immigration lawyer can help someone facing deportation craft a defense based on that individual’s specific circumstances.  

There are many people facing persecution in their home countries due to race, religion, nationality, political affinities, or membership in certain social groups. They hope to seek asylum in the U.S. These individuals need a San Antonio immigration attorney to represent them.  

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