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The Associated Press reports that New York City has increased its efforts to push immigrants “out of its overwhelmed shelters Wednesday as it began enforcing a new rule that limits some adult asylum-seekers to a month in the system before they have to find a bed on their own.” This underscores the need for skilled representation in New York City and the Bronx, where many struggle to find necessary services.  

At Martinez Immigration, our team is prepared to assist you through every challenge in the immigration process in the Bronx. Trust an immigration lawyer at our firm to ensure a smoother journey toward your goals. We take great pride in providing the very best legal representation and speak Spanish, French, German and Haitian Creole. Schedule a virtual consultation today.  

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Types of Cases We Handle

At Martinez Immigration, we offer a range of services tailored to your unique immigration needs, working closely with you and your family to address matters such as: 

  • Family-Based Immigration: Helping families reunite through visas for spouses, children, and parents. 


  • Employment-Based Immigration: Securing work visas and green cards for skilled workers and professionals. 


  • Asylum and Refugee Applications: Assisting individuals seeking protection from persecution in their home countries. 


  • Deportation Defense: Representing clients facing removal from the U.S. and preventing deportation. 


  • Adjustment of Status: Facilitating green card applications for those already in the U.S. 


  • Humanitarian Visas: Assisting with visas such as U visas for crime victims and T visas for trafficking victims. 


  • Student Visas: Helping international students obtain and maintain their educational visas. 

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Navigating New York's Immigration Laws

Immigration laws constantly change and encompass many statutes, including state and federal regulations. It can be challenging for individuals to understand how these changes may impact their case. A knowledgeable Bronx immigration attorney stays abreast of the latest developments and can provide informed guidance tailored to your specific situation. 

No matter why you and your loved ones want to immigrate to New York City, understanding the laws and procedures in the Bronx is crucial. 

Building a Strong Immigration Case

Building a solid immigration case requires thorough documentation and compelling evidence. An experienced Bronx immigration lawyer knows how to obtain and present it effectively to support your case. 


To enhance your chances of a successful outcome, we help you avoid common pitfalls such as: 

  • Incomplete Applications: Ensuring all required information and documentation are included. 
  • Missing Deadlines: Adhering strictly to filing deadlines for applications and appeals. 
  • Incorrect Information: Providing accurate and truthful information to avoid denials or legal consequences. 


Individuals can mitigate the risks associated with this complex process by seeking professional legal assistance. 

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When facing immigration issues, the stakes are high. From personalized strategies to representation in court, our team is committed to guiding you through the shifting legal landscape. Trust a skilled and compassionate immigration lawyer in the Bronx to help alleviate your stress and help make your American dream a reality.  

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