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The L1 visa is crucial for multinational companies looking to transfer key personnel to the United States. Despite its importance, navigating the visa process is challenging and often requires guidance. An L1 visa lawyer helps you through each step, ensuring you meet all L1 visa requirements. With our dedicated team by your side, you can focus on your role in the business while we handle the complexities of the legal process.

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What is an L1 Visa?

The L1 visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows foreign workers to transfer their skills and knowledge to the United States. It enables companies to move key personnel, such as executives, managers, or employees with specialized knowledge. The L1 visa facilitates this without going through the lengthy process of obtaining a green card.

L1 Visa Types

There are two types of L1 visas – the L1A and the L1B. The former is for executives and managers, while the latter is for employees with specialized knowledge. Regardless of which type you apply for, the employee must work for a qualifying organization in their home country before being transferred to an American-based branch or affiliate.

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The L1 Visa Process Explained

Our employment immigration lawyer can streamline the process to reduce confusion and complete the filing faster. Here are the main steps you might follow:

  1. Filing the Petition: The employer starts the L1 visa process by filing a Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. This form is the official request for the employee’s transfer to America.
  2. Petition Approval: Once USCIS receives your petition, it reviews the application for the requirements. The application review includes checking documentation supporting the beneficiary’s managerial or specialized skills.
  3. Visa Application: After USCIS approves the petition, the beneficiary can apply for the L1 visa at the U.S. Embassy or a consulate overseas. This step involves submitting a DS-160 form online, paying the visa application fee, and scheduling a visa interview.
  4. Visa Interview: During the visa interview, a consular officer assesses the candidate’s eligibility for the visa. This step requires the beneficiary to present all essential documents.
  5. Visa Issuance: If the visa interview is successful, the L1 visa will be issued, allowing the employee to travel to the U.S. and undertake employment. The visa’s duration depends on the specific L1 visa type (L1A or L1B).

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